Special traffic area construction

DSK-AIR - Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) - Germany

DSK-AIR - Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN) - Germany

DSK-AIR - Cologne / Bonn Airport (CGN)

DSK-AIR - Cologne / Bonn Airport (CGN) - Germany


Cologne / Bonn Airport has a passenger volume of almost 12 million passengers per year. He ranks sixth in Germany. In the area of ​​air freight, the airport is in third place in Germany.

There are two parallel runways and a cross-windway. Through 24-hour operation, the damage caused by maintenance work must be kept to a minimum.


Due to the continuing increase in the load on the runway, severe embrittlement and grain losses of the top layer have emerged.

In order to prevent further loss of substance and to ensure operational safety until the general refurbishment in 2018,Cologne / Bonn Airport GmbH was looking for a refurbishment method.


The company Otto Alte-Teigeler GmbH submitted the refurbishment proposal with a DSK-AIR coating 0/3 adapted to the conditions with a setting time of approx. 30 minutes.

Following successful laboratory tests and proof of test areas, DSK-AIR redeveloped an area of ​​218,000 m² and thus ensured operation until the general refurbishment in 2018.

The work was carried out by state-of-the-art machine equipment in the barrier windows in day and night shifts. The flight operations could be maintained during the entire construction period. Within 6 weeks in July and August 2016, the entire service was provided mainly at the weekends.

Otto Alte-Teigeler GmbH provided all the services to be provided here, from demarcation, milling, cleaning, DSK-AIR coating, to the new marking, partly via subcontractors. Thus, the client had all the necessary steps from a single source and did not have to worry about the coordination.

With the construction process and the final result, all partners involved in the project were completely satisfied.


Cleaning by HDW to prepare the surface

Continuous installation through permanent supply of aggregates

Computer-controlled supply of aggregates via belt weigher as required

Taking back samples for quality assurance

Installation in variable web width (2.50 - 4.00 m) by hydraulically adjustable screed

After-treatment of the DSK-AIR-coating with rubber wheel roller

High daily output thanks to modern DSK-AIR paving train

Finished SLB after successful renovation with DSK-AIR

Texture of the DSK-AIR surface with very good grip values ​​directly from completion

High load capacity - also suitable for touchdown zones


Our company is listed in the list of prequalified construction companies at the association for the prequalification of construction companies (www.pq-verein.de) under the following registration number: 101.000092