Special traffic area construction

OAT Saniphalt

OAT Saniphalt

OAT Saniphalt

Description of the method

Computer-controlled cold asphalt installation equipment with front-loading system.

Carriageway repairs in the event of deformation, e.g.

  • ruts
  • loss of grip
  • erosion
  • porousness
  • abrasion
  • net cracks

The benefits of OAT-SANIPHALT: Nonpolluting way of construction

  • Short construction period thanks to modern equipment
  • High daily output thanks to delivery of minerals during installation
  • Can be opened up to traffic after only 20 minutes
  • Only slight traffic obstraction during installation
  • Grip improvement
  • Reduction of tyre noise on carriageway


Installing DSK

Tamping beam

Delivery of emulsion

Paving equipment

Aggregate container

Uninterrupted charging of minerals during installation


Our company is listed in the list of prequalified construction companies at the association for the prequalification of construction companies (www.pq-verein.de) under the following registration number: 101.000092