Special traffic area construction

Joints in concrete pavements

Joints in concrete pavements

Joints in concrete pavements

Description of the method

  • Our large range of machinery permits top performance at high speed
  • We use up to date high quality machinery
  • Cutting longitudinal, transversal and construction joints
  • Working with diamond tools
  • Production of notches and joint chambers
  • Chamfering joint edges
  • Joints in accordance with ZTV Beton-StB


Schematic representation (ZTV Beton-StB)

Joint marking equipment

Longitudinal joint cutter with slurry removal

Cutting transversal expansion joints

Synchronous cutting of joints

Concret-joint cross with notches

Cutting with diamond tools with simultaneous removal of cutting slurry

Cutting longitudinal expansion joints

Soff-Cut: use on tilted surfaces


Our company is listed in the list of prequalified construction companies at the association for the prequalification of construction companies (www.pq-verein.de) under the following registration number: 101.000092